Трейлер нового релиза MAYHEM


Трейлер нового релиза MAYHEM

MAYHEM опубликовали трейлер к новому ЕР "Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando", выход которого намечен на девятое июля в следующих вариантах:

* Deluxe silver 180g LP + CD Box Set (incl. 3 Art Prints + Slipmat)
- The 3 available graphics make up the overall concept from the already released visuals of the Daemon Box Set. The total of 6 graphics were considered as an alternative cover versions of the Daemon album and will not be reproduced after this limited edition run.
- The Slipmat contains a special print of the back cover (Punk-Head) of this EP!
- Limited to 1,000 units

(500 CM Distro Wholesale & CM EU Shop / 300 Band Shop / 200 CM US Shop)

* CD Digipak

* 180g LP (double sided album cover!)
- Black LP (all outlets)
- Grey LP – 300 units (CM Distro Wholesale & CM EU Shop)
- Tangerine LP – 200 units (CM US Shop)
- Creamy white LP – 300 units (EMP)
- Dark Green LP – 300 units (Nuclear Blast)
- Deep Blood Red LP – 300 units (Mayhem Webshop)
- Aqua LP – 500 units (US Indie Stores)

* Digital EP


Side A
"Voces Ab Alta"
"Black Glass Communion"
"Everlasting Dying Flame"

Side B
"In Defense Of Our Future" (Discharge cover)
"Hellnation" (Dead Kennedys cover)
"Only Death" (Rudimentary Peni cover)
"Commando" (Ramones cover)

16:9 Image

16:9 Image