Новое видео THE CRIPPLER


Новое видео THE CRIPPLER

"Human Offals", новое видео группы THE CRIPPLER, доступно для просмотра ниже. Эта песня взята из альбома I'm Just Gonna Let Myself , выходящего 23 декабря на Horror Pain Gore Death Productions:

"I'm Just Gonna Let Myself In"
"Mangled Bodies"
"I Don't Want To Hurt You, I Just Want To Kill You"
"I Keep Hearing Noises In Your Basement"
"Suicide By Cop"
"Human Offals"
"Stabbing People"
"Let's See What's In Those Pockets"
"I Have A House Full Of Guns"
"21 Nails"
"Where's My Fucking Money"
"Orgy Of Violence"
"Rabies Is A Killer" (Agony Bag cover)

16:9 Image